Divers all over the world have been drawn to the underwater world by the sense of exploration and adventure that inspired many of our great ancestors such as Jaques Cousteau, Sheck Exley and Rob Palmer to descend into the unknown and discover what is there.

The development over the past few decades of technical diving, both on open circuit scuba and rebreathers, has given us the tools and knowledge to push the boundaries even further. This allows deeper wreck and cave diving, with much longer penetrations and extended bottom times. It gives safer decompression profiles, for exploring even more of the exciting unknown.

Our curiosity to explore the unknown wreck site, cave system, or deep reef, is in our blood. Techniques and equipment will evolve even further with time but our desire to discover the unknown will always be the same.

Saturday, 7 January 2012

DIR Rebreather Fundamentals Day 2.

Sea conditions no good yesterday so we spent it going over the lectures and some theory. It still amazes me how many people do not calculate the correct amount of gas required in a bailout situation. Still a good days work even if we couldn't get in the water.

2 dives today hopefully.

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