Divers all over the world have been drawn to the underwater world by the sense of exploration and adventure that inspired many of our great ancestors such as Jaques Cousteau, Sheck Exley and Rob Palmer to descend into the unknown and discover what is there.

The development over the past few decades of technical diving, both on open circuit scuba and rebreathers, has given us the tools and knowledge to push the boundaries even further. This allows deeper wreck and cave diving, with much longer penetrations and extended bottom times. It gives safer decompression profiles, for exploring even more of the exciting unknown.

Our curiosity to explore the unknown wreck site, cave system, or deep reef, is in our blood. Techniques and equipment will evolve even further with time but our desire to discover the unknown will always be the same.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Graf Zeppelin Trip Report

Saturday 2nd June, Day 2. After the arsing around the previous day we are well behind time, we cross the border into France in the early hours without any checks thank god, but need to change drivers after 3 hours as the first one is tired. Mike takes over and off we go again. Lots of snoring coming from the back seats!!

We thing we have it bad in Spain with the cost of fuel, but the French, well what a rip off over there, cheapest we see is 1.54.6 per litre, and as for the tolls! Inter cambio is still going well, the lads are learning more and more by the day!!!!!

Quick trip through Belgium passes without any problems at all, and we head to Germany. Calls from the posh seats to stop because they are hungry and they want feeding, like we havent made enough stops already!!, Good job we have told Jacek not to expect us today, its 4.00 in the afternoon and we are just inside the German border.

At least the toilets are a fast improvement on France, Joaquin and Mike love them. The French holes had no seats and were dirty, and i am not talking one service station i am talking everyone we stopped at (and with this crowd that is a lot), but the German ones not only do they have a bouncer outside, you have to pay to get in, 70 cents per visit, and you get a voucher back for 50 cents to redeem in the cafeteria!!! But that isnt what is ammusing the chuckle brothers, that is the revolving toilet seat that also gets washed at the push of the button!!! Bit worried though that they wished it would happen while they were sitting on it!

Feed and watered, off we go again, have to make a few more stops to few toilets on the way but we get to Poland at 12.30 in the morning. I take over the driving with Mike navigating. The back row wont shut up all night long, they have been overdosing on Red Bull and Coffee!!! 

Arrive in Hel at 7.00 this morning, guys stop at hotel for some rest and breakfast, i will go and find Jacek to make final preparations. Will let you know how we get on tomorrow after we finally make the first dives, looking forward to this so much seems to have been avaoiding us for years one way or another!!

Graf Zeppelin Trip Report

Friday 1st June Day 1. Finally get on our way to Hel, Poland to dive the Graf Zeppelin, Hiltlers Aircraft Carrier. Leave Torrevieja at 12.30 on way to Bilboa to pick up Alvaro, van is already looking full and we havent even picked up Mr Sidemount and his cylinders.

Arrive in Bilboa after following Alvaros directions that he sent to Roberto via the phone. Should have known to tell Alvaro to meet us somewhere, but no, it is far better to get lost in the middle of an unknown city after driving for 10 hours non-stop.

Meet with Alvaro, and off to get his kit. Seems more than we were expecting! Also seems like the cylinders are magical as no-one is rushing to stack them all in the van, its like watching the council road workers back in Blighty!!

Ok everything is loaded, Alvaro looks pleased with himself, Mike is looking a bit concerned, not sure why, it might have something to do with the tow bar that is almost touching the floor.Time to adopt the tactful approach!!! Whats that small J-cylinder doing in the back of the van?, how many tubs of sorb do we need to take with us?, why have we got so many tool kits?, get them all out, and lets start again. Roberto and Joaquin are enjoying the adjective use of certain 4 letter words and the intercambio lessons we were going to do seem to have got off to a good start.

At last now lets go and get some food and get on the way, we are already 6 hours behind schedule, good job we left an extra day to get there. Leave Bilboa at 12.30 in the morning after a Ground Hog Day experience, i am sure we went past the same shopping mall 6 times just to get one scabby overpriced sandwich!!

Cant believe it, after having nearly 40 degrees all day long now we are entering a bloodty storm!!!! End of a perfect day.

Thursday, 8 March 2012


We will be running a Level 1 CCR course between 28th march and 3rd of April. The course will include theory, maintenance workshop and 8 in water sessions. 

For more info contact us via e-mail


The Graf Zeppelin expedition has now been filled.

The team will travel to Poland on the 2nd of June and dive the wreck on the 3rd to 5th of June. The team are all CCR divers coming from Spain, UK, Holland and Germany.

We will keep everyone posted on our trip on a daily basis while we are over in Poland

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Well Done Linda

Congratulations to Linda Howard for successfully completing the ITDA/DIR Rebreather Fundamentals workshop. Huge amount of effort put into the whole workshop, it has been a real pleasure to work with her. Well done!

Monday, 9 January 2012

ITDA/DIR Rebreather Fundamentals and Mixed Gas Workshops

I will be running a Fundamentals and Mixed Gas Workshop from the 4th to the12th of Feb. There is only 1 place left. It will be run from Cabo de Palos, Murcia, Spain. For mor info drop me a line,

DIR Rebreather Fundamentals Day 3.

Good dive from Linda yesterday, coped really well with a very strong current. Trim much improved and overall kit configuration looking 100% better than at the start of the workshop. Handled all the drills really well and all the stops were perfect. Well done Linda, and huge plus that your back doesn't ache at the end of the dive.

Day off today to catch up in the office, more diving tomorrow.