Divers all over the world have been drawn to the underwater world by the sense of exploration and adventure that inspired many of our great ancestors such as Jaques Cousteau, Sheck Exley and Rob Palmer to descend into the unknown and discover what is there.

The development over the past few decades of technical diving, both on open circuit scuba and rebreathers, has given us the tools and knowledge to push the boundaries even further. This allows deeper wreck and cave diving, with much longer penetrations and extended bottom times. It gives safer decompression profiles, for exploring even more of the exciting unknown.

Our curiosity to explore the unknown wreck site, cave system, or deep reef, is in our blood. Techniques and equipment will evolve even further with time but our desire to discover the unknown will always be the same.

Tuesday, 29 November 2011

Cave diving in the Labyrinth

29th November,
Simon and I decided to visit the cave for a dive today.
With the exception of one dive around 6 months ago which ended in a turn round after 100 mts due to a flooded torch, it was the first time I had been in there for over a year.
I was looking forward to it. The plan was for to head in to the 600mt, mark. I was diving my cave kit and had swapped to a set of back mounted counter lungs.
Weather was great cool and sunny.
The entrance to the cave is set next to the main road in Isla Plana. It’s a bit of a climb down to get to the entry point. We took the stages down then kitted up and climbed down.
I tied in to one of the eye bolts with one of my reels. The viz at the entry point looked promising. I took the lead and tied of twice before we hit the main line. Viz was not great. We continued along the main line. I marked each junction with a DIR peg (From the Chinese shop). Someone has done a lot of work in here changing out the lines. The climbing ropes that used to run through some of the tunnels have been replaced. Took us 45 minutes to get to the turn round point. I gave the signal. Simon led the way home. Nice dive, however the real fun was still u to come. The hike back up the hill

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